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MPI provides more than rapid prototype parts. Our core business is Design, Engineering, CAE, and Manufacturing all bundled together to supply our customers with a quality and cost-effective service and/or product. We are committed to results and customer profitability. All services below are provided by Managed Programs, LLC in our US and/or Korea offices.

Design and Engineering

MPI has over 20 years of experience designing complex under the hood components for Original Equipment Manufacturers worldwide. Our vast experience has enabled us to apply the latest design and manufacturing techniques into designs from concept to production. Over these years, we have gained full capabilities for designing plastic parts, metal parts, and system designs.

Success is designed into the process!

    Our CAD software includes the following:
  • Catia version 5 release 17

  • Pro Engineer 2001/WildFire/WildFire 3

  • Unigraphics NX4

CAE Analysis

Structure, CFD, NVH, Acoustic, and Engine Simulation - With Emphasis on Product Optimization and Manufacturing Simplification

Manufacturing Support

MPI provides over 20 years of manufacturing experience in injection mold tooling sourcing and support, management of equipment, launch and debug assistance, and process development/specifications

Injection Mold Tooling

    Prototype and Production Tooling

  • MPI sources and manages tooling to prepare parts for testing and customer samples with emphasis on process verification during prototype build to assure Production Process parameters

  • We provide quality, cost-effective tooling specifically designed for low volume applications


MPI is capable of performing all assembly for prototype and low volume production builds.

    Vibration Welding

  • MPI has a Branson linear vibration welder on site for prototype and low volume welding

Rapid Prototyping

    In addition to NylonMold parts, we can supply the following rapid prototype parts

  • Selective Laser Sintering (SLS)

  • Stereolithography (SLA)

  • 3D - Printing

  • Model Making of Plastic Parts

  • Vacuum Casting & RIM (PU)

  • Pattern Making for Sand Casting

  • Investment and Sand Casting

  • CNC-Machining

Managed Programs, LLC :: 4325 Giddings Road, Auburn Hills, MI, 48325, USA :: +1 (248) 977-5314